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TIMBER Mountain Bike Bell


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The TIMBER Mountain Bike Bell is the Polite Way to Pass on the MTB Trails. Based on the Iconic Cowbell, it easily shifts between Silent and Ring mode.

The TIMBER Mountain Bike Bell is the first bicycle bell designed exclusively for Mountain Biking. Our goal was simple: awareness when you need it, and silence when you don’t.  A patented on/off lever controls the internal clapper. Slide it down for on – Ring Mode, up for off – Silent Mode.

The Ring Mode sends polite message to the MTB rider in front/oncoming: “Hey, I’m just letting you know I’m here”.  The advance notice gives them time to find a safe place to move off the trail.


  • Bell mounts on your handlebars within easy reach for your hands
  • EASY Installation: Flex the clamp open and slide onto your bar. No need to remove the grips or brakes
  • Flexible Nylon Band tightens to the handlebars with a 5mm hex bolt
  • The Band is 31.8mm in diameter, the same as the wider part of the bars near the stem
  • Fits all handlebar diameters: from standard 22.2mm all the way to 35mm DH style
  • Mount it near the stem for occasional use, or closer to the grips for instant shifting, between silent and ring mode
  • Includes a flexible 22.2 mm shim, for mounting the bell securely near your grips and closer to your hands. (For oversize and DH bars, you will want to use the shim and mount near the grips.)
  • The mount won’t spin, shake or rattle on your bars

No longer do you need a bell that constantly rings! Or have to shout out, “passing on your left”. Plus a Loud bell is just Rude! Let’s be polite on the Trails!


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