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Founded more than 50 years ago, Maxxis International has been dedicated to making tyres riders can trust for quality and performance.

Trust in extends from average consumers to professional drivers and riders, who rely on Maxxis tyres to win world and national championships, Olympic medals, and more.

Founded in Taiwan, Maxxis got its start by making bicycle tyres, and soon expanded its offerings. Employing 30,000 people world-wide.

Using the latest technology, Maxxis engineers at R&D centres in Asia, Europe, and North America work to ensure that the company’s products are cutting edge.

Sponsorship of TOP MTB Riders who report back on Tyres performance in the harshest, most demanding conditions.

From the start, the company operated ethically and honestly. Over the years, that commitment to ethics has come to include sourcing, producing, and distributing our tyres in the most sustainable way, leaving a minimal footprint on the environment.

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