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Maxxis Minion EMTB/DH DHR II Tyre I 27.5″ x 2.40 WT


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The Maxxis Minion EMTB/DH DHR II Tyre 27” has side knobs borrowed from the legendary Minion DHF. But widened to provide more support. PLUS, it corners like no other.

Designed for E-Bike and Down Hill MTB in all Trail conditions.

The centre tread features ramped leading edges to improve acceleration. While the sides create a smooth transition when leaning the bike. Paddle-like knobs on the centre tread dig in under hard braking and help keep the bike under control.

Pair the Maxxis Minion EMTB/DH DHR II Tyre 27” with a Minion DHF up front for the ultimate aggressive trail riding tyre combo!


Part # ETB00472600
Tyre Size – Inches 29 x 2.40 WT
TPI – Threads per inch 60
Weight – Grams 1 344
ETRTO – European Measurement 61-622
Compound 3C Maxx Terra
Puncture Technology DH
TR – Tubeless Ready TR
Colour Black
Insert BATSEAL Tyre Sealant into the Maxxis Minion EMTB/DH Tyre .The sealant ensures punctures are sealed faster and maintains tyre pressures!

3C MAXXTERRA is an intermediate compound configuration used in select mountain tyres. 3C MaxxTerra is softer and offers more traction than 3C MaxxSpeed. But still provides better treadwear and less rolling resistance than MaxxGrip. This makes it ideal for trail riding in all conditions.

WIDE TRAIL (WT) construction optimizes the tyre’s tread layout and profile on today’s modern, wider rims. Traditional tyres are designed around older, narrower rims and can create an overly square tyre profile. This leads to less-than-optimal performance. WT tyres are optimized for a 35mm inner rim width. But are proven to work over a range from 30-35mm inner rim widths, depending on the rider’s preference.

DOWNHILL (DH) As the name implies, Maxxis’ Downhill casing tyres are designed for extreme use in all gravity applications. Whether its downhill racing to bike park riding to free riding to long travel e-bikes. A Maxxis Downhill tyre is made with two layers of our durable 60 TPI casing material along with a large butyl rubber insert that extends from each bead into the sidewall. The butyl insert helps prevent pinch flats, protects the rim from impacts, and provides additional sidewall stability.

TUBELESS TYRES provide the rider with many benefits: the ability to run lower air pressures, which improves traction. Plus, lower rolling resistance when compared to a tube-type tyre; and less chance of flatting because there is no tube. Liquid sealants should only be used in the following types of tyres: tubeless road, tubular, and tubeless ready.

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27.5" x 2.40 WT

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