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Formula Cura 4 Brake Pads – Sintered


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Formula Cura 4 Brake Pads are made of sintered materials and bound with synthetic resin. The pads coating gives optimal performance in dry and wet weather!

The Cura 4 Sintered Brake Pads are coated with small amounts of metal particles. These improve the braking properties and reduce abrasion. The covering is mostly sintered you could say they are semi-metallic. This coating mixture gives optimum dry and wet braking.  PLUS wear of the disc is much lower.


  • Material covering: sintered
  • Material support plate: steel
  • Compatibility: Formula Cura 4
  • Colour carrier plate: black
  • Weight: 25g pair

The Brake Pads are used on the Formula Cura 4 Brake


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