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e*thirteen Quick Fill Plasma Valve


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The e*thirteen Quick Fill Plasma Valve connects directly with the sealant bottle tube for direct injection. This results in mess free installation. A 4-part design that needs no tools!

The Valve allows riders to add sealant without breaking the tyre bead, and without the need for tools!

e*thirteen engineers understand the perfect tubeless wheel system means rims, tape, tyres, sealant and valves must all play their roles perfectly.

Traditional Presta tubeless valves suffer from various weaknesses, like low air flow, clogging, and the need for special tools to remove the valve core. This leaves you with a valve port too small to inject sealant. This resulted in breaking the tyre bead and pouring directly into the tyre when topping up sealant, or (carefully) mounting tyres the first time. No more!

Gen 2 Quick Fill Valves have a unique 4-part design, with a one-of-a-kind valve core carrier. This can be conveniently removed by hand without tools and without removing the valve core. This carrier threads into an oversized valve stem. This fits our e*thirteen Tyre Plasma Tubeless Sealant (1L) nozzles perfectly for mess-free sealant injection.

The valve stem port (without the need to house a valve core), also has an exceptionally large inner diameter of 3.5mm. This provides a cross-sectional area increase of 45% over our Gen 1 Valves, and about 10% over new “Filless” competitor valves. This means higher air flow, and less chance of clogging. Securing the valve stem to the rim is a CNC alloy and rubber base nut. This is compatible with all major rim brands, and tyre inserts.


  • Length: 16-24mm – Fits Grappler/Sylvan/Optimus/LG1/TRS/alloy XCX Rims
  • Length: 23-31mm – Fits Piedmont/XCXr Rims
  • Colour: Black
  • Included: Tubeless valve x 2
  • Material: Alloy


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