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e*thirteen Helix Plus 12 speed Cassette


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The e*thirteen Helix Plus 12 speed Cassette has MORE Range & LESS Weight! Engineered for E-Bike durability & compatibility with SRAM™ & Shimano™ drivetrains.

The e*thirteen Helix Plus has 556% Range and weighs in at 406g.

This 9-50T combination is the hot set up for your 12 Speed MTB, allowing for a 2 tooth smaller front chainring and shorter chain length. The e*thirteen Helix Plus 12 speed Cassette has more clearance and range with our exclusive 9 tooth smallest cog.


  • Compatible with SRAM™ and Shimano™ 12 speed drivetrains
  • Improved shifting performance including Shimano™ 12 Speed compatibility
  • Improved interface between steel and aluminium clusters
  • E*spec uprated for E-bike use
  • 2-piece design allows for replaceable aluminium cogs

Rider Benefits:

  • Reduces rear wheel weights, improves braking, suspension function and handling
  • Designed to shift with Shimano™ and SRAM™ systems without compromise, so the rider can change components without concern
  • e*thirteen’s wider range and 9 tooth cog allows riders to run a 2 tooth smaller chainring for more clearance and reduced weights

XD™ driver required.

UPGRADE: 43-52t cluster can be retrofitted to upgrade Helix 9/50t cassettes.

Guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 5 years after original purchase.

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