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DT SWISS 350 MTB Rear Hub (Boost) – Jbend – 6bolt – 32H


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The DT SWISS 350 MTB Rear Hub (Boost) – Jbend has been redesigned with a matte finish. Jbend Classic Spokes, Disc IS (6-Bolt) brake Interface and wider Axle system.

The new DT SWISS 350 MTB Rear Hub feature’s reliability, versatility, and simplicity united in the hub. While the 36T Star Ratchets® is standard and even lighter weight than before.


  • Field of application: All Mountain, Enduro, Trail, XC
  • Product type: 350
  • Product family: CLASSIC
  • Axle system: 12mm Thru axle (12 x 148mm)
  • Built-in dimension: 148mm Boost
  • Weight: 277g
  • Hole count (default): 32
  • Freehub system: Ratchet System SL 36T
  • Brake interface: Disc IS (6-bolt)
  • Spoke Interface: CLASSIC Jbend

Drive Train Options for the DT SWISS 350 MTB Rear Hub: Shimano, Shimano 12speed, SRAM

DT SWISS Shimano 12spd Freehub | Star Ratchet & EXP

DT SWISS Shimano Freehub HG | Star Ratchet & EXP

DT SWISS SRAM XD Freehub | Ratchet & EXP


Axle System: Thru-axle is a wheel mounting system. RWS technology from DT Swiss gives quick, precise mounting by turning an easily adjustable lever. The Thru-axle systems guarantee a rigid and secure connection between the wheel and frame. Check compatibility with the frame and fork for built-in-width, diameter, and thread of the axle, defined by the frame and fork manufacturer.

Brake Interface: Disc IS (6-bolt) (abv. for International Standard). The disc brake is mounted via 6 individual screws on the hub. In the event of a repair on the trail, no special tool is needed for disassembly, most MiniTool’s have a T25 Torx for disassembly of the six screws.

Built-In Dimension: 148mm Boost refers to wider axle dimensions. Frame and fork manufacturers use this to build a stiffer bike overall. Use a flatter spoke angle on the wheel to increase flange distance. This will improve symmetry and increase stiffness on large wheels.

Spoke Interface: Jbend Classic is a traditional type of spoke. Characterized by the 90-degree bend in the spoke head at one end, resembling the letter J.

For a comprehensive list of all spare parts, both user and technical manuals, as well as available conversion kits applicable to this specific product model view the official DT Swiss support page:

HUB Spares: 

DT SWISS Rear Hub Seal | Star Ratchet & EXP

DT SWISS 36T Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit

DT SWISS Hub Spacer 15.4mm | Star Ratchet


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