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DT SWISS 350 Hybrid MTB Front Hub | Boost – Jbend – Disc IS


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The DT SWISS 350 Hybrid MTB Front Hub is specifically engineered for MTB E-Bikes. Jbend Classic Spokes, Disc IS (6-Bolt) brake Interface & wider Axle.

The DT SWISS 350 Hybrid MTB Front Hub has wider spoke flanges, steel freehubs, larger bearings and stronger internals throughout. These are specifically engineered around the high demands of modern E-bikes and for reliability.


  • Field of application: Hybrid MTB (E-bike)
  • Product type: 350
  • Product family: CLASSIC
  • Axle system: 15 mm Thru axle
  • Axle: 15mm x 110mm
  • Spoke Interface: Jbend, Classic
  • Built-in dimension: 110mm
  • Weight: 207g
  • Hole count: 32
  • Brake interface: Disc brake IS (6-bolt)

Axle System: Thru-axle is a wheel mounting system. RWS technology from DT Swiss gives quick, precise mounting by turning an easily adjustable lever. Thru-axle systems guarantee a rigid and secure connection between the wheel and frame. Check compatibility with the frame and fork for built-in-width, diameter, and thread of the axle, defined by the frame and fork manufacturer.

Brake Interface: Disc IS (6-bolt) (abv. for International Standard). The disc brake is mounted via 6 individual screws on the hub. In the event of a repair on the trail, no special tool is needed for disassembly, most MiniTool’s have a T25 Torx for disassembly of the six screws.

Built-In Dimension: 110mm Boost refers to wider axle dimensions. Frame and fork manufacturers use this to build a stiffer bike overall. Use a flatter spoke angle on the wheel to increase flange distance. This will improve symmetry and increase stiffness on large wheels.

Spoke Interface: Jbend Classic is a traditional type of spoke. Characterized by the 90-degree bend in the spoke head at one end, resembling the letter J.

For a comprehensive list of all spare parts, both user and technical manuals, as well as available conversion kits applicable to this specific product model view the official DT Swiss support page

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Additional information

Axle System

15mm Thru-Axle


Spoke Interface

Classic Jbend


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