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BATSEAL Wax Chain Lube


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BATSEAL Wax Chain Lube is a synthetic wax with a water-based carrier. This guides the wax component into the bicycle’s chain rollers, making it slicker.

BATSEAL Wax Chain Lube stays flexible yet durable, to run clean, rather than flake off.

How to Apply: –

  • Ensure the Drivetrain is 100% clean
  • Shake the bottle vigorously
  • Drizzle into the links
  • Overspills can be nudged back into the rollers
  • Curing takes 4 hours or simply leave overnight

The Bicycle’s chain is slicker, smoother with minimal friction. The Bat Wax Chain lube’s flow rate is controllable and less messy than most other chain lubes.

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