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ASS MAGIC Anti-Chafe Balm



75ml Balm Stick

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The ASS MAGIC ANTI-CHAFE BALM is your ULTIMATE WORKOUT COMPANION in a convenient stick applicator. Long-lasting CHAFE FREE comfort while you exercise!

Upgrade your sports routine with the ASS MAGIC Anti-Chafe Balm, meticulously designed for runners, triathletes, surfers, and other athletes. Our mission is to provide long-lasting, chafe-free comfort during any exercise – on the road, trail, or in the water.

SUPERIOR FORMULATION to resist water and sweat without blocking your skin pores. Its compatibility with wetsuits and ease of washing out of sports kit make it a perfect companion for your workout sessions.

*We recommend a small skin patch test for individuals with sensitive skin.

EASY APPLICATION thanks to our convenient stick applicator, making it a clean and effortless process. Simply turn the dial to use as much balm as you need, apply it to the areas prone to chafing, and you’re set to enjoy your exercise in absolute comfort.

Target areas vary based on your sport:

  • Runners: Underarms, nipples, bra strap line, shoulders, back, crotch, inner thighs, toes, and feet.
  • Triathletes & Cyclists: Back of neck, under arms, ankles, and wrists. Also, follow the runner’s application.
  • Surfers: Back of neck and under arms.
  • Hygienic application with a stick applicator.
  • Water and sweat-resistant for extended comfort.
  • Won’t clog pores, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and pimples.
  • Safe for all skin types and genders.
  • Wetsuit-friendly and easily washes out of sports kit.
  • Provides soothing relief on chafed or irritated skin.


Get your ASS MAGIC Anti-Chafe Balm today and take your workout comfort to the next level!

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