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Maxxis Mudguard


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The Maxxis Mudguard Bike Fender stops the Mountain Bike from getting mud and water into suspension forks and seals. Plus the MTB riders bike kit!

The Maxxis Mudguard stops Sunglasses and Goggles getting filled with grit and mud. Easy to install with cable ties.

Benefits of the Mudguard:

  • Extends the MTB Bike’s longevity
  • Stops forks and seals getting filled with mud
  • Ensures you have clear vision for the MTB Trail ahead
  • Stops the mud spray on the back of the MTB shorts
  • Cuts the amount of mud and water that is chucked up by your tyres

The Maxxis Mudguard will keep you focused on the trail and not the mud splashing on you. In addition it will extend the life of your MTB!

Don’t forget to apply BATSEAL Wax Chain Lube after riding in muddy and wet conditions!


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