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Formula Brake Pads – Organic


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Out of the packet Formula’s organic pads offer a high level of bite and performance and will work from cold with little bedding in time. The softer compound construction gives great bite and power modulation and is perfect for the summer months and dry trails as use in the wet can shorten pad life. With consistent performance and power these pads offer amazing bite and also limit rotor wear.
Superior braking performance

  • Soft compound construction
  • Lightweight
  • High initial bite
  • Short bedding in period
  • Great in dry conditions
  • Work well with small rotors
  • Compound offers superior braking power
  • Reduced heat generation1 pair includes 2 x pads and 1 x pad spring
  • Compatible with:THE ONE, T1, R1, RX, MEGA, C1,RO, Cura


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