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Far Near Computer Mount

Garmin Computer Mount

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The stock Garmin computer mounts may leave a lot to be desired. Especially with the large head units like the 810 model, you give up a lot of space mounting it on your handlebars. The stem is an option but the head unit rests up fairly high and the viewing angle can be less than ideal. This has created the demand for an improved mount for Garmin computers.

Far Near’s Garmin mount is a simple and elegant solution designed to streamline your computer to be flush with your handlebar and stem. The mount, available in black, features a simple tool-free length adjustment allowing you to swap between computers of different sizes and or tweak your adjustment on the fly if needed. The machined alloy Garmin mount from Far and Near comes in at a feathery 34 grams. Bar clamp hardware requires a 3mm hex wrench.

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