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DT SWISS 36T Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit

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36T Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit is compatible with all DT SWISS Star Ratchet Hubs. Increases hub engagement to 36 points of engagement or 10 degrees rotation.


  • Field of application: Wheel/hub servicing
  • Weight: 40g
  • Compatibility: All DT SWISS Star Ratchet hubs or OEM products using this technology (Giant, Syncros, Roval, et al)
  • Includes: Two ratchet rings, two springs, tub of special grease
  • Note: Special grease must be used when servicing star ratchets!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This upgrade kit is only compatible with hubs or wheels using the DT Swiss Star Ratchet technology. This includes (but is not limited to) the following products:

  • 350 hubs
  • 240s hubs
  • 1700 series wheels
  • Pre model year 2021 1501 wheels (alu rim)
  • Pre model year 2020 1200 wheels (240s hub)
  • Pre model year 2020 180 hubs (carbon shell)
  • Certain OE models of wheels such as Roval, Syncros, Giant and Bontrager – check with your local bike shop if unsure or contact us on

This kit is not compatible with hubs or wheels using the new DT Swiss Ratchet EXP technology. 

For a comprehensive list of all spare parts, both user and technical manuals, as well as available conversion kits applicable to this specific product model view the official DT Swiss support page:

This DT SWISS 36T Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit can be used on: DT SWISS 350 MTB Rear Hub | Boost – Jbend & Disc IS


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