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DMR STS Simple Tension Seeker


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        • The Simple Tension Seeker is designed for harder riding styles, fit it for Street, Dirt Jumping and Trials, the stainless steel arm is tough and tucked out of harms way and the PU pulley runs on sealed bearings for durability.
        • It converts geared bikes to single speed and bolts into most vertical dropouts in minutes, tensioning the chain is simple, the STS is then securely clamped in place.
        • Designed to run with a geared chain, this limits the cost of going single speed on your existing geared mountain bike, remove your shifters and mechs, fit the STS and your ready to ride.
        • If you wish to use a specific single speed chain – then please consider the Tension Seeker 2 as it will work with either chain type. The STS is now available as a combo kit with the Single Speed Spacer kit.

Weight – 103g


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