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BAT Tire Sealant (400ml)


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BATSEAL tyre sealant is a real tubeless solution designed to protect your tubeless tyres and tubed wheels from punctures. The South African ingredients protect your tyres and tubes from punctures and thorns, working in the dark while you ride.

BATSEAL uses a secret liquid polymer latex that has been proven to be the best type of sealant for both tubeless tyres and tubes. Added to that we have some key ingredients to keep the protection working all the time, even in the harshest of conditions. The sealing particles that we use are completely natural and bond together with the polymer as soon as a hole is detected forming an effective plug to keep you on the go.

BATSEAL has been developed with RST. Rapid Seal Technology. This ensures that holes seal faster leaving more of the sealant in your tyre to seal the next hole.

Being a BAT product you are guaranteed of a rider designed, tested and used product that offers ultimate protection that is affordable.


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